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Project Activities / Instrumentation, Control and Automation

SCADA Monitoring and Control for Commercial & Industries

Palm Oil Mill Plant-Wide Automation

Centralized Tank Gauging Management

Total Boiler Control System

Palm Oil Mills plant wide Automation System

Air Pollution Control Instruments System

Telemetry and water pumping station control instruments system

Electrical Switch Board with Process Control Instruments System

Waste Water Treatment Plant Control System

Industrial Fans and Control System

Total Temperature Solution

Implementation of Process Control system

Equipment Installation and Commissioning Work

Water Quality Analyzers (e.g. pH, ORP, DO, etc.)

Gas Detection and Control System

Fire alarm system

Continuous Emission Monitoring system (CEMS)

Continuous Industrial Effluent Monitoring System (IETS)

River Quality Monitoring System

Flood Monitoring System

WWTP Early Warning System

GPS Link Oil Tanker

DAM Gate Control System

Tidal Gate Control System

Water Treatment Plant Discharge Quality Monitoring System


Manufacture and Assemble Products:-

CEMS RMU based

NDIR Fix Gas Analyzer

Dust Concentration Analyzer

CEMS PC based


Smoke Density Monitoring

Combustible Gas Detector

Industrial Inkless Recorder

Tube Cleaning Machine

Signal Converter

Digital Indicator

PID/FUZZY Controller

Level Switch

Reflex and Transparent Level Gauge

Mechanical Dial Indicator

Auto Blow Down Control System

Palm Oil Mill Sterilizer Control System

Back Pressure Control System.

Boiler Combustion Control System.

Telemetry System

Cloud Logger

Water Analyzer


Environmental, Industrial Hygiene and Safety Products

Fixed Gas Detection and Control Panel

Portable Gas Detector

Environmental / Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Products

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

Effluent Monitoring System (EMS)

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